Aging Resource Center of Milwaukee County

Data Base Resource & Web Posting Guide Inclusion/Exclusion Disclaimer

Memo of Understanding

It is the policy of the Milwaukee County Department on Aging (MCDA) not to include resource information on agencies that deny services based on age, race, religion, color, disability, sex, physical condition, developmental disability, sexual orientation, marital status, national origin, or any other protected characteristic.

The Aging Resource Center of Milwaukee County provides information and assistance services. This service is designed to support older adults, people with disabilities, caregivers and the general public with access to up-to-date information about services available in their area. The resource database is a tool that supports the provision of information and assistance services. Our Web site also posts links to and from MCDA contracted agencies, partner organizations and resources. The purpose of this policy is to provide a framework for our Aging Resource Center in the development and maintenance of the resource database and web postings in support of the provision of information and assistance services for the general public.

Organizations such as churches, social clubs and professional organizations that provide services to the general public at large in the areas of health, mental health, recreation, education, home maintenance, housing, advocacy; arts and culture, and not-for-profit organizations providing a community service, or charge fees on a sliding fee scale according to income are welcome additions to our database.

Government agencies that provide services in these areas may also be included as well as only proprietary programs that are funded by, or licensed by a federal, state or local government agency. However, no attempt will be made to list all governmental agencies or departments. For-profit organizations based upon uniqueness of service, lack of comparable services available through not-for- profit agencies/groups and degree of need for the services and the level of subsidized services available are also considered on an individual basis. Programs that are non-traditional in nature, such as self-help/ support groups, may also be included. Information readily available or compiled by another agency or source may not be included in the database.

MCDA reserves the right to edit information to meet format, guidelines, and space requirements. If space does not allow, MCDA may choose not to include a program if it is not closely related to the purposes above or the corporate office is not located in Milwaukee County. The only exceptions will be agencies/ businesses with a corporate address outside of Milwaukee County but who provide a unique service otherwise not available in Milwaukee County. MCDA also reserves the right to refuse or discontinue listings for organizations or programs that have had serious complaints lodged against them with any regulatory body or with Milwaukee County Department on Aging.

The database may be made available to agencies included in the database and other human service professionals and agencies, police departments, libraries, and the general public. This information is available to the community at large through our Department's web site.

Inclusion of program information in the database is a privilege not a right and organizations may be refused to be included and are subject to the MCDA inclusion criteria. An organization may request reconsideration. Requests can be submitted, in writing, to the Aging Resource Center of Milwaukee County Program Coordinator. Inclusion does not signify an endorsement of any program or service and omission does not indicate disapproval by MCDA. Milwaukee County Department on Aging assumes no responsibility regarding the quality of services of agencies and programs in the Aging Resource Database.

If you are a provider and are not included in the current data base listings, meet the requirements above, and wish to be included, please check I Accept and fill out the Information and Assistance Unit Resource Guide Inclusion Questionnaire below.

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